ca1Controlling the flow of people and vehicles, managing automatic input and output sensitive areas is a security method useful for effective management within an organization. Filtering persons according to access rights in an objective and timeframes in which such access rights are “active” is absolutely necessary to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information, especially in the institutions with high potential risk areas. For example, in a bank, treasury areas, cashier, server are restricted areas. An access control system verify a person’s identity through an authentication and access only to authorized resoursele who are allowed.
There are many technologies that can be used to implement access control solutions:

  • lector biometric 2HID 125 kHz proximity readers
  • type smartcard readers for iClass, Mifare, Desfire which shows a high degree of security by the fact that the exchange of information between the reader and smart card is encrypted RFID 13.56 MHz. Information sectors can apply logical / physical SmartCard
  • lecturers for SmartChip contact sites for logical access control to computer network within an organization
  • biometric reader that scans the finger, iris, palm or voice user. If a card can be lost or forgotten password may be in biometric systems ‘key’ is permanent access to the user

ca3By connecting the access control system to a server running the management software, it can make a easy configuration of users, assign access rights for each user access only to specific points on specific time selected and schedule calendar, manage access history log. The software can generate reports using various filters, time, users, user groups, doors etc.
It also provides database software timekeeping. More than that, data entry/exit of employees to/from restricted areas can be used in human resource management.

Control system can integrate access equipment performs a mechanical restriction of access:
  • bidirectional flow control turnstiles personal tripod turnstiles, “half-height”,
    “full-height” color optical access, swing gates
  • barriers to control vehicle access