A unique combination of skills for customized detectie-incendiu solutions and adapted to the requirements of incendiuriscului-safe detection:

Conventional plants adapted small targets
Central addressable adapted complex projects that allow the exact location of the alarm system status visualization using graphics programs, change detection sensitivity in hourly installments depending on the nature of supervised environment, retrieving and monitoring various signals from equipment vital to preventing building
Central shareholders that start in the event of a fire in a fire scenario, which offers both automatic management and manualy the function escape (the sirens), comprising (self-closing fire doors, control dampers), smoke extract and remove the hot gases (smoke hatches, command voleti of smoke control systems), stop the technical equipment (lifts command)
Wide range of fire detection technologies: optical smoke detectors, optical detectors, linear smoke detectors termovelocimetrici, IR and UV flame detectors for both normal environment and environment Ex.
VESDA detectors based on laser technology for early detection of smoke in critical areas. VESDA detectors work by continuous sampling air through a network of pipes. Collected and filtered air is directed into a room where used analysis laser light-scattering technology for detection of this smoke, even considering that it is in small quantity
Detectors equipped with precalibrated sensors for measuring oxygen concentration, detection of toxic gases (CO, CH4, H2S, NO, H2, NH3) and explosive vapor (catalytic sensors to detect the measuring range 0-100 % LEL)