Civil Protection
autospeciala1Special vehicles for fire fighting interventions in urban and rural areas , with an emphasis on rapid movement , while achieving short response device with the ability to work independently (using water from its reservoir or other sources ) or in cooperation with other similar or different special vehicles , but designed to work with water and foam. Equipped with fire extinguishing installation for intervention ( water tank , foam tank , water discharge and foam cannon ) , acoustic- optical signaling equipment , radio communication equipment , complete set of extrication and first aid.

autospeciala3Protection in civil aviation and military
High -capacity fire trucks equipped with self-protection system and designed in accordance with ICAO regulations :
  • Water tank with a capacity of up to 15,000 l
  • foam tank with a capacity of up to 2,000 l
  • maximum speed: 140 km/h

autospeciala2Protection of industrial sites
Multiple risks of industrial development have called for the special vehicles that have a high capacity to fight fire caused by products with a high degree of flammability, present in large quantities in refineries, chemical sites, oil, etc. Wide range of models, using all extinguishing agents: water, foam, powder allows selection of special vehicles adapted to the particular site to be protected.