schema sistem inergen3Chronologically, in the 70s it was carbon dioxide extinguishing agent most commonly used. Progressive, Halon 1301 was substituted carbon dioxide due to its qualities. Recently, it was shown that Halon due to the presence of bromine and chlorine composition possess destructive power of the ozone layer, whose protective against ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun is recognized. Consequently , many countries have signed the Montreal Protocol in 1987 targeting progressive reduction until production stopped HALON.In this context, it became essential to find a solution that meets the following requirements:
  • Effective in extinguishing fire numerous types : A, B , C
  • Environmental compliance
  • Neutrality vis-a-vis local and property protected
  • Neutral effect on humans allowing the local to be lagging during extinction or rapid return after extinguishing the rescue materials and documents
inergen compozitieDuring this period, Mather & Platt Wormald continuing its tradition of innovation in the field of fire fighting, launched a research program on the production of a gaseous extinguishing agent INERGEN. This gas is a mixture of three naturally occurring inert atmosphere :
  • Nitrogen 52 %
  • Argon 40 %
  • 8% CO2
Inergen site offers effective protection against fire:
  1. Suffocate very quickly start a fire without causing degradation and without being dangerous to people inside. Effect of fire consists of reducing the concentration of oxygen. Breathing is possible and the fire is off. Normal atmosphere contains about 21 % oxygen and less than 1% CO2. If the oxygen concentration falls below 15 %, combustion is stopped. During spill oxygen concentration must not fall below 12.8%. For this percentage limit CO2 concentration up to 4 %. Increasing the concentration of CO2 increases a person’s ability to absorb oxygen, offsetting lower oxygen content in the atmosphere.
  2. Inergen is a neutral gas environment: do not attack the ozone layer, consisting of gases are found naturally in the air and does not create any aggressive product
  3. Instalatie1Inergen gas is harmless to humans, being medically tested and recognized by the Ministry of Health. Inergen was subjected to a 20 minute test six subjects undergoing atmosphere under medical supervision.
  4. Inergen extinguisher is the most friendly, he has no negative influence on the equipment located on the premises:
  • It’s not corrosive
  • It does not contain fluorine, chlorine or bromine
  • Not a heat shock
  • Not cause condensation
  • Not electrically conductive
  • It’s use does not involve stopping production activity