supraveghere-videoVideo systems have become an imperative necessity for securing both by surprise and detect misconduct and criminal maneuvers in the critical areas of airports, state institutions, office buildings, shopping centers, casinos and ensuring the control and supervision of processes production in industrial sites.

The CCTV system is composed primarily of various video cameras connected to a central monitoring equipment, recording and processing images that can be a type of video recorder DVR (digital video recorder), NVR (network video recorder) or server equipped with video management software.
Cameras for surveillance systems are of great diversity, their choice being made according to the intended purpose:
  • fixed cameras
  • supraveghere-video-4Mobile PTZ cameras whose parameters can be controlled by the remote operator (pan, tilt, zoom) from the keyboard with joystick, useful for tracking the progress of an event in space and capture the desired information by zoom-area details
  • Mobile speed cameras, dome type or rail
  • day-night cameras equipped with IR-cut filter to filter IR light during the day and playing with color accuracy in the way in which the human eye perceives. When light diminishes below a certain level, IR-cut filter is automatically removed and the camera switches to monochrome mode operation the sensor captures the infrared light. IR illuminators can be used in conjunction with this type of room to increase their ability to capture high quality images at night
supraveghere-video-3CCTV systems efficiency increased with the introduction of IP technology to gain ground to analog systems multiple advantages:
  • information transmission infrastructure is TCP / IP existence, eliminating cabling laboratory operations involved an analog system
  • compared with traditional surveillance systems, IP video technology there is no need that the information provided by the cameras to be centralized in a single dispatcher. Because of the possibility that customization and setting the IP cameras, the images transmitted by the cameras can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet. By connecting the camera to a computer network, the transmitted images can be viewed in real time from any computer without the need for additional software, standard browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape ) is sufficient
  • extension system is simply done by connecting IP cameras to the network TCP/IP
  • digital images are stored on the NVR (network video recorder) or carr servers can be easily accessed by the operator remotely via the Internet