trapa desfumareSmoke control systems system eliminates the appearance of fire smoke, hot gases, toxic and caloric energy, allowing the evacuation of persons, the intervention teams of intervention and protection of property. For deposits of combustible materials or substances with aria built less 10.400 m2, smoke evacuation hatches will open an area insumata movement (section headroom smoke by opening) of not less than 1% of the area of the premises or departments concerned and will be located in the roof of the buildings or as high as possible at the top of the walls, repartizandu-is more evenly. Shareholders of these hatches to do so automatically (e.g. fuse) and the manual intervention of the staff decision. Natural ventilation openings open permanent roof is practiced in the necessary movement sums up evacuation of hot gases. Opening operation in case of fire is done individually or in a group.
Optional Smoke and disposal system for hot gas can be integrated:
  • light detectors, which act closing vents the occurrence of rain
  • wind detectors that trigger the appearance of closing vents air currents speed of danger to the integrity of windows
  • remote control for operating flaps

desfumare-schemaElectrical shutter
Preliminary stage of a fire is detected by a smoke detector (optical, based on the Tyndall effect, namely the reflection of a light beam by smoke particles, especially suitable white smoke , the large particles ) located near Smoke hatch. Information is transmitted Plant Fire detection command drive motors. It can be mounted magnetic contact on the roof for a signal in the power of information to ” hatch open “.
Pneumatic trigger
CO2 control station allows remote despozitivelor requiring pneumatic pressure compressed gas to be driven to open and close.

Manual shutter
Opening/closing of vents is done manually controlled device ( winch ). Optionally, it can incorporate an electromagnetic suction cup (with versions 24V/48V – rupture or emission) electric remote control or remote pneumatic micro-motor.