sonorizare-picIn public spaces such as factories, railway stations, airports, office buildings, retail space, to install a sound and public address system which aims to disseminate:
  • prerecorded alarm messages
  • search messages sent from different people console
  • ambient music
Broadcast messages discharge is common areas, building or area of overall per level, thus ensuring a high degree of selectivity.
Broadcasting messages to manually search each level or general throughout the building.
A sound system consists of:
  • directed sound (RS), located in the reception building
  • voicemail broadcast console located at the reception building
  • racks are installed switches, amplifiers, preamplifier for music sources (CD Player, Digital Tuner) and mixer console
  • Speakers and Sound Projectors
In normal operating conditions, the sound is directed broadcasts ambient music. The console can transmit different voice messages.
In the event of an alarm, the panel that manages prevent fire spread by means of a potential-free contact digital recorder start pre-recorded message to be broadcast in all areas. Dissemination of general building evacuation message is a priority and this is ensured by a module installed in the system priority. Thus, in terms of fire, regardless of signal source selected in the system, any area, will start broadcasting a general escape message. Switch-general exhaust this message will be given automatically by the fire detection system with a predetermined delay under fire functional analysis.