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Detection and Signaling

INERGEN extinguishing

Water mist extinguishing

Sprinkler extinguishing

Smoke and exhaust

Sound System

Access Control

Video surveillance

Anti-burglary systems

Fire Trucks

Extrication equipment

Access Control

Control the flow of people and cars, automatic management of inputs and outputs of sensitive areas is a useful method of security [...]

Inergen extinguishing

Inergen is a neutral medium for gas: do not attack the ozone layer being composed of gases that are found naturally in the air and do not create any aggressive [...]

Video surveillance

Video cameras for surveillance systems are of great diversity, their choice being made according to intended purpose [...]

Fire detection and fire alarm

Conventional plants adapted to small targets.

Wide range of technologies for fire detection: optical smoke detectors, optical detectors-linear detectors, smoke detectors, termovelocimetrici IR and UV flame, both for normal and environment [...]


Professional video surveillance solutions

Mobile type speed cameras-dome or rail

Video systems have become an imperative necessity both for providing security through behavioral deviation detection and surprise and maneuvers in critical areas provide the [...]